Sokobora offers a one (1) year limited warranty (“Warranty”) on all Products. This Warranty is valid and enforceable only if you purchased a new Product from us and the Product was originally sold to you in its original, sealed packaging. Do not use a Product until you have read the terms of this Warranty.This warranty is your exclusive remedy for defective workmanship or materials in your Product.

How To Start a Warranty Claim.

To get a Warranty claim started:

  1. Contact Customer Care. Please have your order number, the Product serial number, and your proof of purchase handy.
  2. Prepare your Product for Shipment. Pack your Product in the shipping materials (e.g., a shipping box or shipping label) deliver your Product back to us. Once we receive your Product, we’ll determine if it has a defect or malfunction covered by our Warranty. (Sokobora does not provide shipping services to return back the product)

Warranty Service.

If you start a warranty claim and we confirm that your Product does not perform according to its Warranted Functionality, we’ll replace, repair or refund it (in our discretion). If we replace or repair it, we’ll make sure it performs substantially in accordance to our Warranted Functionality. We may replace or repair it using new, refurbished, or remanufactured hardware and materials (in our discretion). If we replace or repair your Product, we warrant that the replacement or repaired Product will be materially free of faulty materials or workmanship for the remainder of your original Warranty Period or for 7 days after the replacement or repaired Product is delivered to you, whichever is later.



This Warranty is solely for you as the end-user of your Product. You cannot assign or transfer this Warranty to anyone, including a subsequent purchaser, friend, or family member.


Items Outside of this Warranty.


Except as expressly set forth herein, this Warranty does not cover (and Sokobora is not responsible for):

  1. Excluded Products, which include (a) resold Products, (b) Products purchased outside the jurisdictions where Sokobora sells Products, (c) Products not purchased directly from us,
  2. Misuse of Products, which includes (a) damage to the Product or loss of the Product resulting from an accident, theft, improper storage, misuse or abuse, mishandling, neglect, physical or electric modifications, exposure to water or other liquids, exposure to moisture, exposure to extreme conditions (e.g., heat, dirt or sand), (b) use with an unsuitable product not sold by Sokobora, (c) use with inadequate ventilation, (d) misuse by children, (e) defects or damage caused by unauthorized repairs, and (i) any other use that is not in compliance with the recommendations in this document, our online materials, related documentation, and other user materials made available to you. We presume any cosmetic damage (e.g., scratches) resulted from misuse, abuse, or failure to operate the product as instructed.
  3. Wear and Tear of Products, which includes damage resulting from normal wear and tear and normal depletion of parts (e.g., batteries) unless occurring due to defective workmanship or materials in the hardware of your Product.


Voided Warranty.

This Warranty will be void and your Product will be ineligible for authorized repair (even for a fee) if you (a) circumvent any of our above-mentioned policies, (b) resell your Product, (c) remove the serial number or any legal notices from the Product.



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